• ConsenSys partners China BSN

    ConsenSys snags key partnership with China’s national blockchain project

    The deal between the Ethereum development firm and the government-controlled Blockchain-based Service Network puts Quorum front and center with Chinese DApp developers

    Five months after ConsenSys acquired the Quorum blockchain from creator JPMorgan bank, the Brooklyn-based Ethereum development firm has announced a major coup: a partnership with China’s national blockchain project.

  • China BSN DAML

    Huge wins for Digital Asset in China, Asia Pacific

    China’s massive Blockchain-based Service Network will use the DAML smart contract language exclusively, while BNP Paribas adopts it for trading and settlement platforms

    The BSN is a global infrastructure project, intended to provide DApp developers a source of data storage and bandwidth for projects on a number of decentralized blockchains—including Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, NEO, Nervos, and IRISnet—as well as enterprise platforms. The DApps will be interoperable across blockchains.