• Scotch whisky provenance

    A dram or a scam?

    Blockchain provenance firm Everledger is working with the University of Glasgow to authentic rare Scotches whiskies

    Of the 50 rare bottle of Scotch whisky tested by the Scottish Universities Environment Research Centre in 2018, 21 were fake or labeled as older than they really were.

  • Fidelity BlockFi partner custody

    Fidelity Digital Assets, BlockFi partner on DeFi lending custody

    The decentralized finance lending platform’s institutional clients can now pledge bitcoins in Fidelity’s vaults as loan collateral

    With substantial experience in providing custody services, the firm announced on Dec. 9 that it now offers services as a collateral agent, offering institutional clients the ability to pledge their bitcoin as collateral in transactions.

  • Gamers embrace blockchain

    Why gaming could be the ultimate use case for blockchain adoption

    Gamers are far more likely to see the benefits of blockchain technology than the American public at large, a new poll suggests

    According to the report, gamers are 20% more likely to see the benefit of blockchain technology than American adults as a whole. On average, those who like whiling away the hours on their game consoles spend about $168 a year on virtual goods… and many are annoyed at how they’re denied true ownership of these items.

  • Porsche tracks plastics blockchain

    Porsche turns to blockchain to track plastics, sustainability

    Blockchain firm Circularise will help the German automaker track the provenance and use of sustainable materials on public blockchains

    Porsche and its material suppliers Borealis, Covestro, and Domo Chemicals will use Circularise’s technology to trace the plastics used in Porsche cars on a blockchain. The project aims to “ensure that the use of sustainable materials in Porsche cars can be proven.”