• China BSN DAML

    Huge wins for Digital Asset in China, Asia Pacific

    China’s massive Blockchain-based Service Network will use the DAML smart contract language exclusively, while BNP Paribas adopts it for trading and settlement platforms

    The BSN is a global infrastructure project, intended to provide DApp developers a source of data storage and bandwidth for projects on a number of decentralized blockchains—including Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, NEO, Nervos, and IRISnet—as well as enterprise platforms. The DApps will be interoperable across blockchains.

  • Google monetizing yet another pair of eyeballs (photo by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay).
    Libra,  Technology

    Facebook, Google want to be your banker

    In separate announcements, Facebook unveiled a non-blockchain payments tool that could compete with Libra, and Google said it will offer consumer checking accounts

    The tech giants that already know everything about you, and now they want to be your banker, too. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Igor Pejic, author of "Blockchain Babel" (publicity photo).

    In ‘Blockchain Babel,’ a warning for banks and FinTechs

    Igor Pejic’s new books sees blockchain bringing misunderstanding, opportunities, and looming threats to the financial sector

    If there’s one theory at the heart of Igor Pejic’s new book, “Blockchain Babel: The Crypto Craze and the Challenge to Business,” it is that when it comes to using blockchain technology to remake the banking business, neither the financial institutions looking to maintain their dominance nor the FinTech firms trying to topple them understand each other, or how much they need each other.