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    Crypto-fueled browser Brave wants Congress to help you break up with big tech

    A very productive chat between titans of tech and the grandparents who run our government

    Crypto browser Brave’s Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer Johnny Ryan testified Tuesday at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in favor of restricting advertiser’s access to user’s personal data. The hearing on “Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem and the Impact of Data Privacy and Competition Policy” was a big step forward to helping the older folks who make our internet laws understand the impact they have on the future.

  • Here's what YouTube looks like, in case you've never seen it before (via Pixabay).
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    This browser will pay you in crypto

    And it may even pay for your subscriptions, too

    Brendan Eich, the Javascript programming language founder and creator of Mozilla Firefox, wants to pay you in crypto to use his new browser. In the coming weeks, users who download the Brave browser can start earning a share of what advertisers spend to garner their attention. Most ad revenue systems are somewhat hostile to both users and advertisers. You—the consumer—have an ad between you and the content you’re downloading on your data plan. Meanwhile, the website publisher has little incentive to prove you’re actually consuming the ad they sold on your behalf. Now Eich has delivered a new platform that users runs on the ether-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) to improve the…