• Still not on the moon: Bitcoin. "Le voyage dans la lune, en plein dans l'œil!!", a drawing by Georges Méliès of the vessel landing in the moon's eye in the film Le voyage dans la lune (via Wiki commons).

    Despite claims, astronomers don’t see blockchain on moon

    Blockchain startup Diana will let you stake a claim to a piece of lunar real estate, but the International Astronomical Union isn’t buying

    Would you like to spend your bitcoin on a piece of green cheese to go with that bridge you own? A new blockchain startup is using the 50th anniversary of the moon landing to pitch a token divvying the surface of the moon into two billion plots—and that’s just on the bright side!

  • Venture capital, grinding everyone's gears (via Shutterstock).

    VC investments fall sharply, but blockchain usage rises

    CB Insights predicted start-up funding will drop 60%, but IDC said spending on blockchain implementation will double

    A new report from CB Insights said investments in blockchain technology start-ups have tanked so far in 2019, and could end the year 60% lower than 2018. But the interest in the technology in the corporate world appears to be booming, with Fortune 500 companies investing more time and effort in bringing blockchain projects to fruition.