• Hacked crypto exchange sues Binance

    Hacked crypto exchange sues Binance for allegedly laundering the stolen funds

    Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Fisco claims that Binance “either intentionally or negligently failed to interrupt the money laundering process when it could have done so.”

    Calling Binance the “‘go-to’ location for cybercriminals to convert purloined cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrency,” Fisco’s complaint alleges that the thieves who stole $63 million in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and monacoin laundered approximately $9.4 million of it through Binance.

  • High crypto adoption countries
    Bitcoin,  Tether

    Revealed: The countries with the highest levels of everyday crypto use

    Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela top the Chainalysis list—but major economies such as India and the U.K. narrowly miss a place in the top 10

    Joining Ukraine in the top 10 were Russia, Venezuela, China, Kenya, the U.S., South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, and Vietnam. Overall, the company said that its findings show “excitement around cryptocurrency as an investment and, especially in the developing world, as a means of value storage and medium of exchange.”

  • Bitcoin Al-Qaeda Hamas
    Bitcoin,  Regulation

    Bitcoin trail breaks up al-Qaeda, Hamas terror-funding schemes

    Agencies including the FBI, Homeland Security and IRS Criminal Investigations division worked with blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis to track bitcoin donations to terrorists

    The operations seized more than $1 million in Bitcoin from both terror groups and the unlicensed money services business they worked with, the company said.

  • North America loves Bitcoin
    Alt coins,  Bitcoin

    North America ‘disproportionately favors’ Bitcoin compared with rest of world

    Revealing new data from Chainalysis suggests that investors in the U.S. and Canada have little interest in altcoins and stablecoins

    In a preview of its upcoming Geography of Cryptocurrency Report, the company revealed that investors in the U.S. and Canada “disproportionately favor” Bitcoin. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency accounts for 72% of all transaction volume on the continent—considerably more than China, Japan, South Korea, and the rest of East Asia at 61%.

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