• Charlie Shrem at Ben's Deli in Manhattan (Ken Kurson)

    Charlie Shrem’s new podcast focuses on stories of Bitcoin’s early days

    The Untold Stories podcast centers on interesting people at the heart of Bitcoin’s wild west days from 2011-2014

    Hot on the heels of his legal victory over the Winklevii, Bitcoin bad boy and early adopter Charlie Shrem has unleashed a new podcast looking at the early days of the first cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology on which it’s built.

  • Charlie Shrem at Ben's Deli in Manhattan (Ken Kurson)
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    Winklevoss twins end lawsuit against Charlie Shrem

    The case, over the alleged theft of 5,000 bitcoins, has ended with no damages

    Charlie Shrem has come out on top of his legal dispute with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Two months after Winklevoss Capital Fund was ordered to pay Shrem $45,000 in court fees after a federal judge overturned an order freezing more than $30 million of Shrem’s assets, the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled. Both sides agreed to pay their own costs as part of the agreement.

  • Charlie Shrem at Ben's Deli in Manhattan (Ken Kurson)
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    William Shatner just name-checked Charlie Shrem on Twitter

    It was every bit as awesome as that sounds

    This morning, William Shatner took to Twitter and said something strange and inscrutable to his 2.52 million followers. That’s typical. What’s less typical is that his subject was cryptocurrency. And he dropped the name of one of bitcoin’s earliest adopters and most fervent evangelists, Charlie Shrem.   In a tweet peppered with emojis, the Star Trek actor (and I hate to reduce him to that description because it fails to reflect how great he was as the villain in a latter-era Columbo, not to mention singer, author, screenwriter, director, celebrity pitchman, and horse breeder) tweeted: So @coindesk – 👍🏻 & 😘 is a thank you I do here for liking a…