• PornHub only accepts crypto payments
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    Besieged PornHub now only accepts crypto payments

    After a devastating New York Times column accused it of allowing child pornography, Visa and Mastercard banned the world’s biggest adult entertainment platform

    The paying customer onboarding page of PornHub’s website now shows only a cryptocurrency payment option to users accessing it from a United States-based internet protocol (IP) address. Customers accessing the service from Europe—on the other hand—are only met by the SEPA European bank wire option.

  • child porn buyers flock to bitcoin.
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    Chainalysis: Child pornography buyers flocking to bitcoin

    The blockchain intelligence firm reported a “concerning trend” for the crypto industry—warning signs suggest the amount of bitcoin used to buy child abuse material is growing

    Crypto analytics may be helping to uncover child abuse material sites, but trends “definitely suggest” that the value of virtual currencies sent to exploitation sites will continue to grow in 2020 as child porn buyers flock to bitcoin, according to blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis.