• ConsenSys acquiring JPMorgan Quorum

    ConsenSys acquiring JPMorgan’s Quorum enterprise blockchain solution

    The deal is a big win for Joe Lubin’s Ethereum venture studio, and will allow the bank to pull back from supporting an open blockchain with a growing number of users

    Ethereum-focused enterprise blockchain development firm ConsenSys announced that it will acquire JPMorgan’s Quorum distributed ledger solution. It is part of a strategic investment in the firm by JPMorgan.

  • SKALE network launches

    ‘Elastic’ Ethereum-compatible SKALE network launches its mainnet

    DApps on SKALE can run at a capacity of 2,000 transactions per second, complete with “sub-second” block times.

    The open-source, permissionless, Web 3.0 platform was designed to give developers the ability to build highly configurable, fully decentralized blockchains that are instantly compatible with Ethereum and capable of running at a capacity of 2,000 transactions per second—complete with “sub-second” block times.

  • Civil is yesterday's news
    Alt coins,  Media

    No longer Civil: Blockchain-based journalism network is yesterday’s news

    The Civil team, which aimed to offer high-quality journalism funded by a crypto ecosystem, will be joining ConsenSys to work on other projects

    Civil was the first company to make a full-throated attempt at offering high-quality journalism powered by blockchain. But now, after a series of unfortunate missteps, the embattled firm is yesterday’s news—and its network will go into “hibernation” after barely 18 months in action.

  • Blockchain Bill of Rights
    Politics,  Regulation

    World Economic Forum unveils ‘Blockchain Bill of Rights’—will it work?

    Achieving consensus in a fragmented landscape isn’t easy. Despite the proposal getting several significant signatories, plenty of hurdles remain

    The blockchain industry is a fragmented one—with countless projects forging their own way as they try to find compelling use cases for this technology. But now, the World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Council is attempting to ratify some universal standards in a so-called “Blockchain Bill of Rights.”