• Heath Tarbert, Chairman of the CFTC. (via Harvard)
    Ethereum,  Politics

    Opinion | Congress must act now on cryptocurrency regulation

    The election hype will soon doom any hope of a clear legal framework being in place by 2020.

    Members of Congress love to drag the CEOs of large companies into hearings to show off in front of their constituents. The best recent example is the grilling of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg over the company's Libra cryptocurrency project. Now, this over-the-top political production is threatening to spoil a good opportunity to provide the regulatory clarity so desperately needed by the cryptocurrency industry...

  • Jeff Bezos laughing but this guy's divorce will undoubtedly make him cry. Now imagine it with crypto (photo by Steve Jurvetson via Wikicommons).
    Cryptocurrencies,  United States

    Crypto a growing problem in divorce cases

    From finding hidden Bitcoin stashes to figuring out when or if to sell them, cryptocurrencies are an issue divorce lawyers are struggling with

    There are few business transactions as potentially divisive as dividing up assets after a divorce, and when you throw an anonymous currency like bitcoin or ether into the mix, it’s a recipe for trouble.

  • Bitcoin being eaten by a cactus because 2018
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    We need to talk about cryptocurrency stock images

    Giving form to the formless: is it bad form?

    Cryptocurrencies aren’t easily given to images. After all, they’re digital files containing commands and numbers that can’t be visualized. For a medium like a blog post, for instance, posting a story containing only words would ignore the sensory stimulation people seek. .  People need to look at something. Anything. That’s why children’s books have pictures. Kids can barely understand the words they’re reading. They need to see Spot run, not just read about it. Enter stock photography. For better or worse, stock photos reflect our world. That’s why the emergence of cryptocurrency in stock images must be noticed and discussed. Thank you, Australian tech reporter Rohan Pearce, for doing the…

  • A photo of a Starbucks cup.
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    Starbucks serves up a bitcoin discussion with its latest earnings call

    The company’s founder doesn’t see bitcoin as the cryptocurrency of the future but hold out for others

    Howard Schultz, founder and executive chairman of Starbucks, made blockchain waves over the weekend by sounding off against bitcoin. It happened during the Starbucks Q1 2018 earnings call, attended by investors, analysts, and journalists alike. Though Schultz clearly explained that Starbucks is not presently pursuing any bitcoin- or cryptocurrency-related initiatives, the company is deeply aware of these emergent payment technologies. You can’t bring up cryptocurrency in the public forum without coming out as for bitcoin or against, and the Frappucino King is deeply skeptical. “I don’t believe that bitcoin is going to be a currency today or in the future,” Schultz said. Yet he’s bullish enough on the crypto space…