• ransomware hackers demand bitcoin for sex toy
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    Hackers demand $700 bitcoin ransom for man’s “family jewels”

    Hackers took control of an app-controlled, internet-of-things connected male chastity device in an attempt to obtain a ransom, according to a report

    According to a Jan. 11 report, hackers took advantage of a known cybersecurity vulnerability in the software of a “smart” sex toy, hoping to effectively hold the man who used the device hostage, by locking him in the chastity device.

  • crypto exchanges certification standards

    New certification standard tests exchange security

    Hacken hopes its CERtified standard will warn cryptocurrency users when a trading platform isn’t investing enough in security

    Hacken’s CERtified standard is based on four factors. This criteria is then used to calculate a “CyberSecurity Score,” with top-performing exchanges receiving a maximum of three stars.