• Algorand supports Pocket

    Algorand supports platform designed to make life cheaper, easier for DApp developers

    The DeFi-focused blockchain firm says Pocket Network will make creating decentralized applications up to 10 times less expensive than it is now

    The infrastructure eliminates the risk of there being a single point of failure for a DApp—crucial in an age where tech companies live and die by how reliable they are.

  • InterWork Alliance tokenization standards

    Business, blockchain firms push token standards

    The InterWork Alliance says uniformity is badly needed if asset tokenization is going to achieve its potential and disrupt the global economy

    Big names including ING, Microsoft, and Nasdaq have joined forces with blockchain leaders like Hedera Hashgraph, Neo, and Hyperledger in a new alliance that aims to create global standards for tokenizing real-world assets.

  • Restaurant Toks to track coffee

    Mexico’s Restaurant Toks tracking coffee on blockchain

    Simba Chain’s smart-contract-as-a-service platform is helping the casual dining chain track the source and sustainability of the coffee it serves

    Restaurant Toks, a casual dining chain with 208 locations across Mexico, has teamed up with blockchain provider Simba Chain and the University of Notre Dame to create a distributed application to register and track every coffee bean it has "purchased, processed, packaged, and sold."

  • DApp platform NEAR
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    Open Web DApp platform NEAR completion

    Andreessen Horowitz led a $21.6 million funding round for NEAR Protocol, a platform that allows decentralized applications to tokenize anything from game assets to stock certificates

    The funding round announced on May 4 will enable Switzerland-based NEAR to continue developing a platform that enables decentralized application builders to write, test, and deploy their DApps in a matter of minutes.