• OKEx ether derivatives

    Derivatives exchange OKEx targets small investors with real-time data

    The crypto exchange has partnered with data analytics site Skew to provide real-time data for ether derivatives, hoping to make the financial product less ‘intimidating’

    Top cryptocurrency derivatives exchange OKEx announced a new initiative aiming to make its ether (ETH) derivatives more transparent and easier for average investors to understand.

  • FCA bans crypto derivatives
    Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    U.K. regulator shuts small investors out of crypto derivatives

    The Financial Conduct Authority prohibited the sale of cryptocurrency derivatives to retail customers, starting today, to protect consumers

    The regulator explained that the reason it believes that to be true is that the cryptocurrencies underlying such derivatives “have no reliable basis for valuation.” Beyond that, the presence of financial crime and market abuse in the crypto secondary market also makes reliable information hard to get. The FCA also cited the extreme volatility in cryptoasset valuation and the inadequate understanding of crypto by retail investors.

  • DeFi AI derivatives trading

    DeFi platform adds artificial intelligence to derivatives trading

    The platform uses AI to allow its users to “mitigate risk while knowing in real-time the potential for returns” on both crypto and traditional derivatives

    According to a Sept. 8 announcement, DeFi firms Level01 technologies and AGDelta signed a partnership to allow artificial intelligence-guided derivatives trading on a DeFi platform. The financial derivatives in question would be based on both conventional and cryptocurrency assets.

  • CFTC strategic plan

    CFTC’s new strategic goals are good news for crypto… and bad

    The commission wants a ‘holistic framework’ to promote innovation in digital assets, but it also plans to come down hard on those who break the rules

    The goal that will be of most interest to crypto-focused firms is the third one: to encourage innovation and enhance the regulatory experience for market participants at home and abroad. This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of international businesses that have ended up being bogged down with red tape and regulatory uncertainty.