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    Bitcoin’s popularity grows, but so do expectations of a bursting bubble

    While a Bank of America survey found trading bitcoin’s popularity booming, Deutsche Bank found strong agreement among money managers that BTC is a bubble about to burst

    A Deutsche Bank survey of money managers found 90 percent calling the cryptocurrency one of many financial bubbles they foresee popping soon. Even among those, Bitcoin was in a class by itself, with half of the Deutsche Bank respondents giving it a 10 on a 1-to-10 bubble scale.

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    “Catch up’ on digital currencies Deutsche Bank warns U.S., EU

    The German bank’s report also explains why Apple Pay has enjoyed substantially less user adoption than its Chinese rival Alipay

    A Deutsche Bank report has warned that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will replace cash in the long run—and unless the U.S. and Europe step up their game, they could be forced to rely on digital assets rolled out by the likes of Sweden and China.

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    Deutsche Bank issues CBDC warning

    Central bank digital currencies could unseat the dollar and ‘change the world significantly,’ said Deutsche Bank, cautioning that their adoption could have unintended consequences

    Although the German financial institution acknowledges CBDCs could make transactions easier and create greater levels of transparency, it has released a report that warns digital assets are yet to be tested broadly and in real time. Deutsche Bank is also nervous about CBDCs being issued through distributed ledger technology—stressing that such platforms have “not yet been proven as sufficiently robust for a wide-scale implementation.”

  • "I want to be buried in Hudson County so that I can remain active in politics," remarked late NJ governor Brendan Byrne (via Shutterstock).
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    Blockchain technology to tackle another American election

    After a successful test in West Virginia, blockchain-based voting moves to Denver, and beyond politics to shareholder meetings

    Eighteen years after the Florida hanging chads debacle cast the legitimacy of an American president into doubt, the voting technology introduced to fix those problems remains so vulnerable to hacking that the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in September urged a return to paper ballots and an end to Internet voting. That’s a problem blockchain developers think they can fix.