• Craig Wright talks to Brendan Sullivan of Modern Consensus via Skype.

    Craig Wright eviscerates everything: The Modern Consensus interview

    The man who could be Satoshi Nakamoto does a lot of swearing about socialism, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Trump’s wall, Steve Jobs turtlenecks, and why he can’t get into the US

    A decade ago—on January 12, 2008—the first Bitcoin transaction went from “Satoshi Nakamoto” to Hal Finney. Those 10 years were an explosive time where an industry went from a shared PDF to a $500 billion marketplace and now back down to about $125 billion.

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    As the US dithers on regulating cryptocurrencies, other regions move forward

    Support for blockchain technology is stronger both in the US and abroad

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts were excited about the ​announcement​ this week that President Donald Trump plans to name Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, a longtime supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as his interim White House chief of staff before the end of the year. As a congressman, Mulvaney was a co-founder of the ​Congressional Blockchain Caucus​. When it comes to actually embracing cryptocurrencies, the U.S. has been generally skeptical. As a recent opinion piece in the ​Harvard Business Review​ by law firm Jones Day blockchain initiative leaders Stephen J. Obie and Mark W. Rasmussen noted: ​“Without clear regulations, cryptocurrency innovation in the United States is being stifled.…

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    Latest Cryptocurrency News for October 12, 2018: Gary Cohn goes crypto, Nouriel Roubini goes nuclear, and miners go off the rails

    These are the crypto stories you should be following today

    Latest Cryptocurrency News: Gary Cohn goes crypto, Nouriel Roubini goes nuclear, and miners go off the rails   How The Mighty Have Fallen: Gary Cohn Joins Blockchain Startup 7 Months After Leaving White House (ZeroHedge) Gary Cohn was chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs before quitting to become President Trump’s chief economic advisor. He quit that job because he didn’t like Trump’s trade policies. Now he’s advising something called Spring Labs, which hopes to put Equifax, Experian and TransUnion out of business using blockchain technology. Dr. Nouriel Roubini vs. Bitcoin: Senate Hearing Breaks Down His Arguments (CCN) Dr. Doom himself appeared before the Senate Banking Committee to yell and scream…