• Ether all-time high

    Ether cools slightly after reaching an all-time high

    In a single day, ETH surged by 15%—taking it to $1,440 on some exchanges. Unfortunately, high transaction fees remain a stubborn problem

    Despite ether handily outperforming bitcoin over the course of 2020, there was one thing that the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency was unable to achieve: a new all-time high. All of that changed on Jan. 19, when ETH finally broke the record of $1,432.88—a milestone that had been set three years ago this month.

  • markets report bitcoin price
    Bitcoin,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Bitcoin primed for breakout as ether beats 2018 all-time high

    Action focuses on altcoins but hope mounts for a resurgence in Bitcoin bullishness a day before Joe Biden’s inauguration

    Bitcoin analysts were eagerly eyeing a fresh breakout on January 19 as BTC/USD hovered nervously around $37,000. After hitting lows of $34,000 over the weekend, Bitcoin hovered roughly in the middle of its wide trading range between $30,000 and $40,000. As the week progressed, however, signs of bullish tendencies became more palpable.

  • What going on Polkadot
    Alt coins,  Ethereum,  XRP

    Up 122% in a week: What is going on with Polkadot?

    It’s called an ‘Ethereum killer’ that offers a tantalizing alternative for DeFi protocols, but there are other factors that have been driving this altcoin upward, as its market cap surpasses XRP

    Polkadot has been described as an “Ethereum killer” because of how it offers an alternative to smart contracts. The platform enables developers to create their very own blockchains instead… paving the way for levels of interoperability that have been non-existent in this fragmented industry until now.

  • Markets Report Ether Price
    Ethereum,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Ether price within $200 of all-time highs as $2,600 target emerges

    A jaw-dropping rally for the largest altcoin shows no sign of stopping as ETH sets the tone for an altcoin renaissance

    Ether, the largest altcoin and native token of Ethereum, came within $200 of historical all-time highs on January 7, hitting $1,228 per coin. The number one cryptocurrency by market cap behind Bitcoin, Ether has gone from strength to strength in recent weeks, long after the release of the Ethereum 2.0 protocol upgrade. Year-to-date gains alone have topped 67%.