• ripple YouTube settle giveaway scam lawsuit
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    Ripple CEO settles YouTube giveaway scam lawsuit

    Brad Garlinghouse sued the streaming video platform last year after it refused to act or dragged its feet in taking down channels that used his company, name, and likeness to steal XRP

    In a March 9 Twitter thread, Garlinghouse said that while the terms of the agreement were confidential, “we’ve now come to a resolution to work together to prevent, detect and take down these scams.” The lawsuit was filed on April 21 last year, after Garlinghouse complained that fraudsters on the streaming video platform had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from XRP supporters using his name and likeness.

  • Wozniak sues YouTube

    Wozniak lawsuit tells YouTube: Be more like Twitter on bitcoin giveaway scams

    Citing Twitter’s fast response to a huge and humiliating hack the Apple co-founder accused YouTube of deliberately allowing the fraudulent ads to remain online for profit

    Noting Twitter’s rapid response to the high-profile June 15 hack of 130 accounts of celebrities, tech leaders, and politicians, Wozniak announced on July 23 he was suing YouTube over its failure to police these fraudulent ads.

  • Bitcoin blamed for Twitter hack
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    Bitcoin blamed for devastating Twitter hack?

    As the dust settles from one of the worst cybersecurity breaches in recent memory, many are focused on crypto giveaway scams, not social media’s security failings

    The FBI has launched an investigation into Wednesday’s widespread Twitter hack, which saw attackers hijack 130 high-profile accounts to promote crypto giveaway scams.