• Binance $200K reward hackers
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    Binance pays $200K reward after hackers indicted

    The leading cryptocurrency exchange compensated investigators who identified the hackers behind a 2018 phishing attack, even though they are still at large

    According to a Nov. 11 announcement, Binance is granting most of the $250,000 reward that the exchange offered to pay for information leading to the arrest of the March 7, 2018 attackers. “Sometimes #SAFU takes time,” Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao tweeted. “This took 2 years of effort, with close collaboration with multiple law enforcement agencies globally. But we don't give up.”

  • Ransomware hackers donate to charity

    Ransomware hackers donate $10,000 of crime proceeds to charity

    A ransomware group donated its ill-gotten Bitcoin to two charities, but one has already announced that it does not intend to keep the donation

    A cybercriminal organization known as Darkside posted receipts for $10,000 in Bitcoin donations to two charities. Darkside published the donation complete with tax receipts for the donation of 0.88 BTC to The Water Project and Children International.

  • eFi hacker steals $15 million

    DeFi hacker steals $15M, returns $8M

    Millions were stolen after crypto users sent a fortune to an unfinished smart contract on Eminence.Finance that was being tested by its developer

    Andre Cronje—the creator of major DeFi protocol Yearn.Finance and the exploited protocol Eminence.Finance—informed the public of the hack on Sept. 29. He explained that the protocol was very much a work in progress and he did not expect it to suddenly attract such a great amount of user funds.

  • crypto exchanges certification standards

    New certification standard tests exchange security

    Hacken hopes its CERtified standard will warn cryptocurrency users when a trading platform isn’t investing enough in security

    Hacken’s CERtified standard is based on four factors. This criteria is then used to calculate a “CyberSecurity Score,” with top-performing exchanges receiving a maximum of three stars.