• John McAfee - don't vote McAfee

    John McAfee will hype your cryptocurrency endeavor for $105,000

    Tweets for sale by a libertarian technocrat

    Whether you know him as founder of a world-famous software company, as an international fugitive wanted for murder, or as a 2016 Presidential candidate, 72-year-old John McAfee has reinvented himself again, this time as high-dollar crypto-pundit. His name once synonymous with antivirus software, McAfee’s latest venture is McAfee Crypto Team, a one-stop consulting shop for all your ICO needs. The site hawks something called “the McAfee effect,” or in simplest terms, “tweets for sale.” With paid tweets going for the rather publicly displayed price of $105,000, this access to McAfee’s 811,000 Twitter followers is extremely appealing to anyone seeking to publicize their ICO or blockchain startup. We finally wrote down…