• Spl.yt
    Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators

    Startup targets Amazon using blockchain tech

    How to cut Jeff Bezos out as e-commerce middleman

    What if Amazon’s third-party sellers went into business as a decentralized collective? A blockchain-enabled inventory and sales management tool called Spl.yt boasts all the technological features to make it happen. To buy something on Spl.yt is to buy it directly from the seller, with blockchain technology keeping things fair for merchant and customer alike. E-commerce sellers list their inventory for sale as tokenized assets on the blockchain, and the same technology instantly settles all payments and records customer feedback. A robust affiliate program amplifies this decentralized signal by letting existing e-commerce list Spl.yt inventory for sale and collect a cut of whatever sales they make. By displaying its collective inventory…

  • RewardMob
    Alt coins,  Innovators

    Crypto-powered gaming platform pays players for winning mobile games

    RewardMob is like having an arcade room on your smartphone

    The days of pumping quarters into arcade machines aren’t completely gone — that experience is simply making the leap to mobile. And because it’s 2018, that experience is also blockchain-powered. RewardMob is a crypto gaming company with a smartphone app that lets you play games on your mobile device for a chance to win prizes. After downloading the app, you can opt in to daily tournaments that pit you against other competitive players. When you win, you stand to receive cash, gift cards, or some of the company’s proprietary RMOB tokens. To condense the idea to a sound bite, RewardMob is the place to monetize your Candy Crush skills. No,…

  • woman
    Bitcoin,  Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators,  Media

    Crypto probably definitely has a gender problem

    Social media fallout from a crypto conference paints an ugly, sexist picture

    Just over one week ago, World Crypto Con was touting how well-balanced the genders were for their speakers’ agenda. Did you know half the speakers at World Crypto Con are women? Lady bosses are taking over blockchain! pic.twitter.com/zsJAoRmYrP — World Crypto Con (@WorldCryptoCon) July 25, 2018 On Monday, the blockchain and crypto media are buzzing over a series of tweets by Pamela Paige, a real estate developer and blockchain enthusiast who attended the Las Vegas event this past weekend and had a series of experiences that didn’t jibe with this messaging. Confronted with a rash of misogynistic behavior during the event, Paige tweeted her peace to 16,000 followers. https://twitter.com/ThePinkCrypto/status/1058820568638603264 https://twitter.com/ThePinkCrypto/status/1058820572937805824…

  • Trust Square
    Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators

    What it’s like inside Trust Square, Zurich’s blockchain innovation hub

    We got a private tour from co-founder Ozan Polat

    ZURICH—A vibrant blockchain community has blossomed in Switzerland. On April 27, 2018, Ozan Polat and four other founding partners opened Trust Square in the Swiss capital. The three-floor coworking space (they’re adding a fourth soon) boasts a central Banhofstrasse address and houses some 40-45 companies actively doing work in the blockchain space. It’s exclusive! “We’re extremely startup-focused, and we do a little due diligence before we approve a membership here,” Polat told us when Modern Consensus visited for a tour. “We try to identify what these projects provide to the community. Some hedge funds want offices here, but they don’t make anything.” As a center of gravity for innovation in…