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Crypto-powered gaming platform pays players for winning mobile games

RewardMob is like having an arcade room on your smartphone

The days of pumping quarters into arcade machines aren’t completely gone — that experience is simply making the leap to mobile. And because it’s 2018, that experience is also blockchain-powered.

RewardMob is a crypto gaming company with a smartphone app that lets you play games on your mobile device for a chance to win prizes. After downloading the app, you can opt in to daily tournaments that pit you against other competitive players. When you win, you stand to receive cash, gift cards, or some of the company’s proprietary RMOB tokens. To condense the idea to a sound bite, RewardMob is the place to monetize your Candy Crush skills.

No, the platform doesn’t support Candy Crush (yet), but it’s completely feasible for large and small gaming companies to incorporate RewardMob into their existing projects. “Developers can integrate our software in under a day and it’s totally free for them,” RewardMob co-founder and CEO Todd Koch told Modern Consensus.

There are two components that feed RewardMob’s gaming economy. Free-to-play games are supported by sponsors and advertising, and pay-to-play revenue is divided between RewardMob and partner developers per a profit-sharing agreement. Players can enter free tournaments to win RMOB tokens, which let them later enter paid tournaments at no cost. The idea is that free tournaments are the place to refine your gaming skills, and the paid tournaments are where you pit those skills against others and win prizes.

The app includes an integrated crypto wallet, so it’s easy to receive any winnings as cryptocurrency. Depending on which tournament players compete in, they are also eligible for cash prizes (delivered via PayPal) and gift cards distributed by third-party providers in digital or physical form.

There are two different sets of regulations governing how RewardMob works. The company’s free-to-play games fall under sweepstakes law, and paid games fall under skill-based contest law. The latter is legal in 38 US states, all of Canada, and a majority of the rest of the world.

RewardMob boasts 100,000 registered users since launching earlier this year. Developers might be drawn to this platform because it’s a mechanism for increasing user retention and seeing players log more gaming sessions. Let’s not forget it also grants them a new source of revenue on work that they’ve already completed.

Koch tells us that the most popular games on the platform right now are Jackpot Jelly (which resembles Candy Crush) and Beer Pong. He teased that there’s much more on the way: “We have a full range of match-three games, tower defense, bubble shooters, racing, and first-person shooters coming to the platform in the near future.”

If you use RewardMob long enough and well enough, you might just be able to identify as “professional gamer.”

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