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Must-reads for Nov. 13, 2018: What the fork? The Bitcoin Cash edition

These are the Bitcoin Cash stories you should be following today

CoinDesk has been on a tear all day Tuesday about the Bitcoin Cash hard fork:

Plus, they also reported that one of the people in the “hash war”, Jihan Wu, has been stripped of power at Bitmain:


An interview with Calvin Ayre: The man behind the scenes of the Bitcoin Cash debate (The Block)
Calvin Ayre, the man who became a billionaire running an online gaming company, now runs CoinGeek, Bitcoin Cash’s largest mining pool. He’s backing Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV and why to The Block.


‘Nuclear Option’: ABC Dev Won’t Rule out Changing Bitcoin Cash PoW Algorithm

Controversial Bitcoin Cash lead developer Amaury Séchet said on Twitter that Bitcoin ABC developers should “get a patch ready” in case of emergency with the upcoming hard fork. He also tweeted there might be a need to change its proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm: “Changing PoW is somewhat of a nuclear option so I’d be reluctant to use it. But it always has been considered the option of last resort in case a large portion of miner become hostile, so we should be ready.”



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