• Gamers embrace blockchain

    Why gaming could be the ultimate use case for blockchain adoption

    Gamers are far more likely to see the benefits of blockchain technology than the American public at large, a new poll suggests

    According to the report, gamers are 20% more likely to see the benefit of blockchain technology than American adults as a whole. On average, those who like whiling away the hours on their game consoles spend about $168 a year on virtual goods… and many are annoyed at how they’re denied true ownership of these items.

  • DApp platform NEAR
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    Open Web DApp platform NEAR completion

    Andreessen Horowitz led a $21.6 million funding round for NEAR Protocol, a platform that allows decentralized applications to tokenize anything from game assets to stock certificates

    The funding round announced on May 4 will enable Switzerland-based NEAR to continue developing a platform that enables decentralized application builders to write, test, and deploy their DApps in a matter of minutes.

  • Gaming entrepreneur and sixth grader George Weiksner, CEO of Pocketful of Quarters, got the SEC to do what only one other crypto company could—sell tokens without registering them as securities (photo via Pocketful of Quarters).
    Ethereum,  United States

    SEC allows gaming startup to sell tokens without registering them as securities

    The no-action letter issued to Pocketful of Quarters requires that the tokens cannot be sold by the general public

    Gaming startup Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ) was issued a no-action letter by the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance (DCF) on July 25 for its plan to sell Ethereum-based Quarters tokens. These tokens will be used as in-game currencies on gaming platforms, and will be transferable from one game to another, even across platforms.

  • RewardMob
    Alt coins,  Innovators

    Crypto-powered gaming platform pays players for winning mobile games

    RewardMob is like having an arcade room on your smartphone

    The days of pumping quarters into arcade machines aren’t completely gone — that experience is simply making the leap to mobile. And because it’s 2018, that experience is also blockchain-powered. RewardMob is a crypto gaming company with a smartphone app that lets you play games on your mobile device for a chance to win prizes. After downloading the app, you can opt in to daily tournaments that pit you against other competitive players. When you win, you stand to receive cash, gift cards, or some of the company’s proprietary RMOB tokens. To condense the idea to a sound bite, RewardMob is the place to monetize your Candy Crush skills. No,…