• Obviously this is a hacker because he's on a computer while wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Inexplicably, there's an Apple iPhone in front of him with the IBM logo on it but this is the only stock photo we could find when we searched "IBM hacker" (via Shutterstock).

    IBM to try hacking enterprise blockchains as a service

    ‘Security halo’ of distributed ledger systems doesn’t protect on-ramp to blockchain

    Enterprise blockchain doesn’t solve one basic security problem: ensuring the accuracy and security of data before it is added to the blockchain. Big Blue is now offering hacking-as-a-service (let’s call it HAAS) to the growing number of private, permissioned blockchains springing up around the globe.

  • Children of the Democratic Republic of Congo (via Shutterstock).
    Africa,  Technology

    From the Congo to the open ocean, blockchain is helping companies ethically source natural resources

    IBM Blockchain is being used to ensure the batteries in your car and laptop do not use cobalt mined by children

    Auto manufacturer Ford Motor Company and battery maker LG Chem announced on Jan. 16 that they are joining forces with a major Chinese mining firm on a pilot project to use IBM Blockchain technology to trace the origin of the mineral cobalt used in batteries. More than half of the world supply of cobalt is mined in the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo, where illegally mined minerals and diamonds often fund brutal militias, and child labor and hazardous working conditions are common.

  • A pump jack in a canola field (via Shutterstock)

    With Vakt investment, five of the biggest energy companies bet on blockchain

    The oil and gas industry is embracing blockchain technology for everything from tracking products to financing sales

    With the announcement on Jan. 16 that three major oil and gas firms including Chevron, Total, and Reliance Industries have joined Vakt, the energy-industry enterprise blockchain company now has five of the 10 largest oil firms by market capitalization on board.

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