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    The Trouble With Scam Coins

    Why are people putting their life savings into coins that make them lose everything?

    Most people don’t get rich overnight… Every now and then a new story will emerge of someone throwing $5000 into a random coin and becoming a millionaire in a matter of months. It’s the investing equivalent of winning the lottery. People are able to quit their jobs, follow their dreams, buy a mansion and live happily ever after. That’s the story the news tells, but the reality is much more grim. There are the rare instances where someone actually does make it big off the right investment at the right time into some altcoin with little to no usability or backing behind it, and good for them! They made it…

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    There’s No Way to Predict The Future of Dog Coins

    Traditional Market Rules Do Not Apply

    In the beginning of 2021, Dogecoin was worth far less than a penny. Right now it sits around a comfortable $0.28. Not too bad for a token named after a dog meme. The coin has gone as high as $.74, but that was because of social media hype generated by Elon Musk among others, and the price quickly diminished. Many financial experts and investors who have made massive fortunes trading stocks, options, and futures in the past have denounced cryptocurrency as a whole many times. In May of 2021, Andrew Bailey, the Bank of England Governor, warned that people who invest money in Crypto risk losing it all. Since then,…

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    Growing interest in tokenized assets: eToro survey

    Fractional ownership of assets like art and real estate is becoming more attractive as the recession worries grow

    In a survey of 1,000 investors who trade online, more than 80% would be interested in owning blockchain-based security tokens offering fractional ownership in small businesses and real estate, and nearly 70% percent would be interested in investing in music rights, according to social trading and brokerage company eToro.

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    The real way that ‘free trading’ app Robinhood makes money will surprise you

    ‘Rob from the rich’ puts poor on dangerous path

    Robinhood positions themselves as this big company that wants to change the system. They cite Occupy Wall Street as their turning point. But Bloomberg found that they don’t even mention on LinkedIn that during Occupy, they were designing software for high frequency trading operations.