• covid increase bitcoin crime
    Alt coins,  Bitcoin

    COVID-induced poverty will increase Bitcoin crime: Kaspersky

    The cybersecurity giant also expects cybercriminals to begin using the top privacy coin Monero more

    Kaspersky explains that the remote work solutions that the companies were forced to hastily set up amid the coronavirus pandemic have introduced vulnerabilities to their systems. The situation was reportedly so bad that “some literally did not even have enough laptops to provide to their employees” and “had to purchase whatever they found on the retail market, even if the machines did not comply with the security standards of the organization.”

  • IRS crypto traders tax bills
    Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    IRS sending crypto traders tax bills they don’t owe

    In many cases, the IRS has been treating every trade as gross income, regardless of gains or losses, according to CryptoTrader.tax

    On Nov. 23, the firm reported one its users received a worrying notice from the IRS. The document in question was a CP2000 Notice claiming that he had underreported his 2018 income to the tune of $250,000 by failing to include his cryptocurrency investing activity on his taxes.

  • Coinbase users tax firm warning

    IRS activity should be ‘major wake-up call’ for Coinbase users, tax firm warns

    Figures released by the crypto exchange show that it has received thousands of requests from U.S. agencies—and users are being urged to get their tax affairs in order

    Klasing Associates says a transparency report released by the crypto exchange in October should serve as a “major wake-up call” to those who haven’t reported their virtual currency holdings in recent years.