• Kadena to launch DEX
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    ‘Ethereum 2.0 has lost credibility’: Kadena launches rival DEX

    President Stuart Popejoy says Kadenaswap will be able to handle 480,000 transactions per second—and offer a safer smart contract language

    Ethereum 2.0 has lost credibility as a project that will ship in any kind of predictable timeframe,” Kadena President Stuart Popejoy told Modern Consensus. “Ethereum’s congestion and high gas prices are providing a strong incentive for DeFi projects to consider other platforms."

  • “How is Blockchain Technology Evolving?” at MIT Media Lab's The Business of Blockchain conference on May 2, 2019 (Photo by Leo Jakobson of Modern Consensus).

    Enterprise blockchain’s biggest challenge: getting competitors to work together

    At MIT’s Business of Blockchain conference, a panel called corporate social problems the biggest barrier to permissionless blockchain adoption

    Businesses that can’t learn to play nice with each other will be left behind by the blockchain revolution. That was the message of a panel on “How is Blockchain Technology Evolving?” at MIT Media Lab's day-long look at The Business of Blockchain on May 2. The event attracted companies like small blockchain startups, major consulting firms, and multinationals at the top of the Fortune 500.