• blockchain Australian financial regulatory burden
    Regulation,  Technology

    Australian senator says use blockchain technology to ease financial regulatory burden

    Sen. Andrew Bragg argues that blockchain can help make the Australian financial sector more competitive

    Australian Sen. Andrew Bragg said blockchain "may well be the solution to one-touch government with international transactions in real-time. It will eliminate our time zone problem, which has been a problem for Australia over the long run… Blockchain technology can streamline regulatory processes, reduce fraud, and reduce costs to regulatory compliance and administration."

  • Hodl Hodl no KYC DeFi

    P2P Bitcoin exchange Hodl Hodl launches lending with no KYC

    The non-custodial exchange says it’s combining the best of the DeFi and Bitcoin spaces

    Hodl Hodl explains that the system allows anyone to become a lender or a borrower, set their own terms and create offers, all in a simple P2P Bitcoin decentralized finance (DeFi) system with no identity checks. Furthermore, the system will be borderless—nations have no meaning—with no fiat or custody.

  • Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    Report lists crypto red flags—don’t be old, want privacy

    The powerful Financial Action Task Force has released a very broad list of reasons a cryptocurrency transaction should be scrutinized under anti-money-laundering rules

    While some of the crypto red flags are obvious, others are very broad and could well catch legitimate investors in the net—for instance, opening an account and making a lot of transactions despite being old.

  • Ziglu launches P2P payments
    Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    Ziglu launches P2P payments

    The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority has authorized the firm to allow users to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat funds

    The new authorization allowed Ziglu to launch its peer-to-peer transaction service that allows users to instantly send each other money in any of the currencies supported.