• Trust blockchain’s trillion-dollar transformation

    Trust: blockchain’s trillion-dollar transformation

    Consulting giant PwC says blockchain technology’s ability to win trust will add $1.76T to the global economy by 2030

    Tracking and proving the provenance of everything from organic chickens and ethically produced diamonds to college degrees will be the top use of blockchain technology over the next decade, accounting for a nearly $1 trillion boost in global GDP, according to a new report from PwC.

  • BMW loyalty program

    BMW launches blockchain-based reward program in South Korea

    The German automaker will use a blockchain to host the loyalty points it will use to reward its customers and the BMW community

    Rewards that BMW Vantage members will be able to get include discounts on vehicle maintenance or services provided by the firm’s partner companies. Furthermore, high-tier members could also receive invitations to cultural events that BMW organizes.

  • blockchain loyalty program
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    South Korean loyalty program with 23M users turns to blockchain

    It’s estimated that Dodo Point is used by half of the country’s population—and now, they have the opportunity to earn crypto by sharing their data via Carry Protocol

    Carry Protocol’s goal is to return control of data privacy and monetization rights back to consumers—and the start-up is hoping to achieve widespread adoption.

  • Are rewards points the best use case for blockchain technology (via Wiki commons).

    Bringing smart contracts to consumer loyalty rewards programs

    Blockchain-as-a-service provider Loyyal is betting distributed ledger technology can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

    Consumer loyalty is a business that Greg Simon, the founder and CEO of Loyyal, thinks is ripe for disruption by blockchain technology, and particularly smart contracts.