• bitcoin too volatile Goldman Sachs

    Bitcoin too volatile to be store of value: Goldman Sachs exec

    The head of the bank’s Investment Strategy Unit also argued that “something with a long-term volatility of 80% can’t be considered a medium of exchange.”

    In a recent briefing on Goldman Sach's 2021 outlook, Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, head of the firm's head of the Investment Strategy Group for the Consumer and Investment Management Division, poured cold water on the idea Bitcoin is a new digital gold, saying, "just because everybody piles into an idea and talks it up doesn’t mean it’s a store of value.”

  • BTC Rally Stalls Elon Musk
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    Markets Report: BTC rally stalls as Elon Musk removes Bitcoin from Twitter bio

    A fresh publicity campaign for Dogecoin by Musk sees wild upside take hold as Bitcoiners pin hopes on MicroStrategy’s evangelism

    Bitcoin saw mixed progress on February 4 as a push towards $40,000 combined with yet more controversy over Elon Musk. In the event, growth stalled as the world’s richest man returned to Twitter to boost the fortunes of Dogecoin—and remove “#Bitcoin” from his biography.

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin bull run hinges on $35K as Ether hits new all-time high

    A slow upwards move for BTC/USD contrasts with an easy ride to record highs for Ether on Wednesday

    Bitcoin showed signs of life on February 3 as largest altcoin Ether made good on its bull run and beat all-time highs. While modest compared to previous volatility, Bitcoin’s uptick buoyed sentiment among traders who had waited patiently for the market to decide short-term direction.

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin Falls on Biden Inauguration Amid Warning Stimulus is ‘Long-Term Negative’

    A subdued start of the new presidency comes as bullishness broadly fades from cryptocurrency markets

    The hours prior to Biden’s inauguration saw a rebound in a previously declining U.S. dollar, something which came in tandem with BTC/USD cementing daily losses of 7%. The largest cryptocurrency had previously spent the week ranging slightly higher, with speculation rife that a breakout was due but that the direction it could take was unclear.