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    Markets Report: Bitcoin hits $54,500 amid rumors Oracle wants 70,000 BTC

    Unsubstantiated reports say that an announcement from Oracle will come this week and could see it become an instant Bitcoin heavyweight

    Bitcoin climbed to within $4,000 of all-time highs on March 9 as rumors swirled over an imminent buy-in which would rival MicroStrategy. The move was music to the ears of traders, who had been waiting for a decisive attack on both $50,000 for support and a flip of resistance higher up at $52,000 to cement the prospect of the bull run continuing.

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin clings to $50K

    The second-highest weekly close in history fuels optimism among bulls yet rangebound behavior remains

    With the weekend producing near 7% gains, rangebound behavior still characterizes the mood as BTC/USD remains near its position from the same time last week. Bitcoin "clearly has to break above the $52K breaker to see continuation here towards $56K. On the downside: Failing to hold $46,500 and I'll assume we'll see a lows test at $42,000,”said popular trader Michaël van de Poppe.

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Analyst predicting $37K Bitcoin’s ‘ultimate bottom’

    While institutions keep happily buying the dip, a failure to recapture $50,000 this week means that bulls are not out of the woods

    Bitcoin has spent a week circling $50,000 as endless positive news from institutions contrasts with a lack of upward price momentum. With all-time highs still out of reach, commentators have been asking themselves what would be needed to reignite the bull market which has characterized most of 2021.

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    Markets Report: Grayscale ‘panic selling’ may mean BTC bottom is in, says analyst

    A return to below $50,000 for Bitcoin comes as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust exhibits a historically accurate sign that the market has bottomed

    Bitcoin came full circle on March 4 after a trip to over $52,000 triggered a swift sell-off and loss of $50,000 support. Data from price trackers including CoinMarketCap and Tradingview showed a day of regression for BTC/USD, which dropped 7% in 24 hours to cancel out the previous day’s gains.