• Skoda Lumos Labs 100 blockchain

    Auto Maker Skoda, Lumos Labs team up to find 100 blockchains

    The Indian subsidiary of major automaker Skoda announced that the firms will jointly run the “Microsoft Century Program” to find 100 practical blockchain applications

    The firms involved will “evangelize, curate and unearth 100 best enterprise-ready block-chain solutions for industry-specific use cases” said Skoda India chief information officer Pranav Kulkarni. “As the Automotive Industry continues to evolve, the onset of blockchain technology will be a defining transformation in the development and manufacturing of the next generation of cars."

  • tokenize carbon emissions
    Politics,  Technology

    Interwork Alliance: tokenize carbon emissions

    Rather than a blockchain-specific token, the industry group seeks to create standards for sustainability tokens that can work on any platform

    The nonprofit blockchain industry group announced on July 29 that it has formed a working group to set standards for tokens that can be used in these carbon emissions trading programs.

  • Coronavirus hits darknet revenues

    Even drug dealers are hurting as coronavirus hits darknet revenues

    Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis finds bitcoin spending is dropping on darknet markets and gambling sites, but not legitimate merchants; crypto scammers are stepping up

    The pandemic's economic destruction is so bad that even retailers of what may be the most recession-proof product there is—illegal narcotics—are feeling the pinch as coronavirus hits darknet revenues.

  • EY Microsort COnsensys baseline

    ConsenSys, Microsoft, EY bet businesses will embrace public blockchains

    Strong security and off-chain storage are key ingredients of the Baseline protocol the firms hope will coax enterprise coalitions onto Ethereum

    EY, Microsoft, and ConsenSys believe that given strong security and the right tools, businesses will embrace public blockchains as they look for ways to work together.