• Mike Butcher
    Cryptocurrencies,  Media

    The blockchain’s biggest problem isn’t technology, it’s trust

    The impersonal technology that powers ICOs has a very human problem

    How well do you know what you’re putting money into when you invest in the latest and greatest ICO? Do you know if it’s a legitimate project backed by knowledgeable people? To hear one pundit explain it, trust is the main ingredient that will carry blockchain technology into the mainstream. TechCrunch star correspondent Mike Butcher was keynote speaker at BlockShow, filling an auditorium of crypto-geeks in Berlin to give a presentation titled “Disinformation Will Kill Crypto.” Clad in his notorious leather jacket, Butcher tackled the gigantic topics of trust and money head-on. “Capitalism requires trust to work, and ICOs are a minefield,” Butcher said. He cited a bleak study by…