• IRS Chainalysis Monero contract
    Alt coins,  Bitcoin,  Regulation,  United States

    IRS bets $1M Monero transactions are traceable

    The IRS decision to spend big bucks with Chainalysis and Integra FEC indicates that its criminal investigations division is eager to follow up its successes in tracking Bitcoin

    Crypto intelligence firm Chainalysis and the data analytics company Integra FEC will each receive an upfront payment of $500,000 so they can begin developing their proposed tool. America’s taxman said it was seeking “innovative solutions” for tracing XMR, as well as off-chain transactions conducted using Layer 2 scaling networks.

  • Governments don’t trust crypto
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    Governments, financial firms don’t trust crypto

    A new survey suggests the crypto industry is adamant it can prevent cybercrime and money laundering, but this optimism isn’t shared by governments and financial firms

    “Bridging this gap is essential, as all sectors agree that the use of cryptocurrency is on the rise, but we know there’s no clear consensus on domestic regulatory action," said Kayla Izenman. "This risks opening the door to illicit activities.”

  • CipherTrace adds Monero tracking
    Alt coins,  Regulation

    CipherTrace adds Monero tracking capability

    Thanks to a partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the blockchain intelligence firm says it now has the capability to trace transactions using the leading privacy coin

    Three months after a Carnegie Mellon University study found that the number of traceable transactions via privacy coin Monero were “nearly zero," CipherTrace said it has come up with a solution.

  • Zcash traceable
    Alt coins,  Technology

    Without a trace? Not Zcash, researchers warn

    It has been billed as a privacy coin boasting advanced cryptographic technology, but new research suggests these features are going unused

    A new study by Carnegie Mellon University has uncovered a huge problem with one of the biggest privacy coins… just 0.09% of Zcash transactions in a 30-day period were untraceable.