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    Saar Wilf really doesn’t want you to call Initiative Q a pyramid scheme: The Modern Consensus interview

    We ask tough questions of Initiative Q’s founder and CEO

    Last week, Modern Consensus published a deep dive into a strange scheme called “Initiative Q” that promised new users the ability to get $20,000 for free. When we called them out for deceptive marketing, we expected to hear some brushback via a Medium post. We thought they might post some kind of reply on Twitter. However, we didn’t expect that Initiative Q CEO Saar Wilf would give us his personal Skype and set up a meeting with us on a Sunday. We think it’s pretty gutsy to Skype with the people who tore your company apart, so we gave him an interview. In brief: Initiative Q is a bit of…

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    Is crypto the future of money? Panelists debate

    No existing cryptocurrencies exhibit the three characteristics of money all that well

    [Modern Consensus sent Michael Hillmeyer to check out the blockchain and cryptocurrency panels at the Propelify tech and music conference in Hoboken. You can read his review of the first panel (“Diversity in the Blockchain Industry and Why It’s Important to Get It Right Now”). Also, check out his review of the third panel (“Is Blockchain the Answer to Big Data Problems AND Does Blockchain Create Existential Threats to Intermediaries?”)] In this second panel, “Is Crypto the Future of Money?” another standing room only crowd watched moderator Joe Leo of Def Method get right to the point by asking the eponymous question. James Putra*, director of product strategy and innovation…

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