• Very unsuspicious man walking with a backpack by JPMorgan Chase's headquarters (via Shutterstock).
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    JPMorgan talks its new JPM Coin

    ConsenSys, Gemini, IBM, Axoni, Kadena, and Hedera Hashgraph also featured at Columbia University’s LedgerFest conference

    The fortuitous appearance of a member of JPMorgan’s Blockchain Strategy Team on the schedule for Columbia University’s LedgerFest conference on February 15th motivated us to duck out early from a different conference in midtown and make the trek up to Morningside Heights.

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    How blockchain tech is changing this $10 trillion industry

    Logistic’s last mile is getting a lot closer

    “In the year 2025, if cash is still alive If blockchain can survive, we may find…” —With 2,525 apologies to Zager and Evans. Entrepreneur Charlie Oliver’s Tech 2025 has been a hidden gem in New York City’s technology scene over the past couple of years with in-depth events on key issues, many of which don’t otherwise get much coverage around town. One topic that Tech 2025 has been covering since at least last year is the global logistics industry and the challenges and opportunities that it faces from new technologies and changing work forces. So, what is the logistics industry? In short, it’s the transportation of physical goods, from raw…