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    MouseBelt launches start-up school for blockchain builders

    The Blockchain accelerator’s free educational initiative for pre-investment entrepreneurs joins other community programs like its Blockchain Educational Alliance and Reimagine 2020 virtual conference series

    The free start-up school will accept 100 project planners, generally in four-person teams. The school does not focus on project development but rather on helping fledgling founders with the “knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for investment or placement in accelerator programs.”

  • virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020
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    Virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020 to run 72 hours straight

    Shrugging off coronavirus, blockchain accelerator MouseBelt’s non-stop event will be free and hopes to attract more than 10,000 attendees

    Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt announced today that it is organizing virtual crypto conference Reimagine 2020 from scratch. The ambitious event aims to be on air continuously for 72 hours, with organizers promising it’ll be packed with keynote speeches, panels, and debates.

  • Calling the (un)caped crypto crusaders! (via Pixabay)
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    Student crypto crime-fighting league forms

    Cryptocurrency intelligence firm CipherTrace will provide education and tracking tools to students for hands-on training solving real thefts and scams

    CipherTrace is working with the student-founded Blockchain Acceleration Foundation in California and Mexico and several universities to create the CipherTrace Defenders League.

  • The Madison Blockchain Hackathon, 2018 (via MouseBelt).

    New Blockchain Education Alliance goal: Attracting top talent fresh out of school to blockchain

    Created by blockchain accelerator MouseBelt, the group has attracted partners like the Stellar Development Foundation and TRON.

    Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt announced it has joined with more than a dozen firms to create the Blockchain Education Alliance, aimed at attracting students to the industry.