• Scotch whisky provenance

    A dram or a scam?

    Blockchain provenance firm Everledger is working with the University of Glasgow to authentic rare Scotches whiskies

    Of the 50 rare bottle of Scotch whisky tested by the Scottish Universities Environment Research Centre in 2018, 21 were fake or labeled as older than they really were.

  • Mastercard GrainChain partner supply chain

    Mastercard, GrainChain partner to track goods in the supply chain

    Mastercard will leverage the partnership to launch its ‘Mastercard Provenance Solution’ service

    Mastercard and GrainChain will jointly trace more than 24 different commodities across Latin and North America as part of the “Mastercard Provenance Solution” service. The system will use the payment processor’s own permissioned blockchain

  • Trust blockchain’s trillion-dollar transformation

    Trust: blockchain’s trillion-dollar transformation

    Consulting giant PwC says blockchain technology’s ability to win trust will add $1.76T to the global economy by 2030

    Tracking and proving the provenance of everything from organic chickens and ethically produced diamonds to college degrees will be the top use of blockchain technology over the next decade, accounting for a nearly $1 trillion boost in global GDP, according to a new report from PwC.

  • Provenance blockchain completes loan

    Provenance blockchain completes loan sale in seconds, not weeks

    Transaction paves the way for Figure, the firm that owns Provenance, to settle $100 million in real estate transactions for lender Pacific Private Money in the coming year

    Figure Technologies founder and CEO Mike Cagney said that its Provenance network was used to execute a bridge loan transaction between lender Pacific Private Money and asset management firm Saluda Grade in seconds, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the cost, time, and friction involved.