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    IBM: Protect your cryptocurrency today against quantum computing tomorrow

    The tech behemoth claims that its cloud services now supports quantum-resistant cryptography that can protect blockchain data from next-generation computing

    The announcement explains that while quantum computers can help many difficult-to-tackle challenges in the future, they also pose a major threat to the current cryptography standards that could be easily broken by a fault-tolerant quantum computer with a high qubit count. This includes SHA-256, the encryption algorithm that Bitcoin (BTC) uses to secure the network, with potentially disastrous consequences for the cryptocurrency world.

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    Blockchain development booming, says Deloitte

    Their Open Source Compass tool aims to make open source software trends easy to follow

    Blockchain was among the fastest growing technologies—expanding by 11.3% even this past winter—according consulting giant Deloitte’s new project that tracks open source software development.