• Russian digital ruble
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    Digital ruble coming as soon as 2021

    The head of Russia’s central bank said a pilot program could come next year, and promised confidentiality but not anonymity

    While nothing has been decided, the possibility of launching a digital ruble “is quite real,” she said. It will not replace the physical ruble, she added. The digital ruble project “fits very organically into what is called the development of the digital economy as a whole,” Nabiullina said. “A digital transformation is taking place. Of course, there must be a transformation of the settlement system.”

  • digital ruble test 2021
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    Digital ruble testing by 2021, says Russian pol

    The chairman of the Russian parliament’s financial markets committee called a central bank digital currency “the future of all our money circulation.”

    A member of the Russian Duma who sits on its financial markets committee said yesterday that “a digital ruble will start being tested, possibly even in the next year."

  • Russian telecom regulator blacklists Binance
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    Russian regulator blacklists Binance

    As new Russian regulations loom, the leading cryptocurrency exchange is banned for distributing forbidden information, specifically instructions about how to acquire Bitcoin

    Furthermore, Binance also claims that the firm has not been warned by law enforcement and government services before the blacklisting of its domain. So far, the company consulted with lawyers and announced that it will continue offering its services to Russia’s citizens.

  • Russians not invest in crypto

    Just one in 10 Russians would invest in crypto

    Russia is among the top countries when it comes to the use of crypto in everyday activities, but only 10% of local bank users would invest in crypto assets.

    Such a low percentage of Russian investors interested in cryptocurrency is particularly surprising given that a recent study according to which the country is among the top 10 countries worldwide when it comes to the use of crypto assets in everyday activities.