• Ripple sued by investor Tetragon
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    Ripple sued by investor in wake of SEC’s XRP lawsuit

    Asset manager Tetragon Financial Group is demanding Ripple buy back its investment as a result of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s claim that XRP is an unregistered security

    In December 2019, asset manager Tetragon Financial Group led Ripple’s $200 million Series C investment round. Now, it is seeking to enforce a contractual provision to back out of its investment, Ripple said in a public statement on Jan. 5.

  • Ripple sees solidarity and departures
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    Lawsuit looming, Ripple sees solidarity and departures

    As the impact of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit hits some supporters are taking off, some are backing away, and some are offering support

    While Ripple has offered an aggressive response, promising to fight the enforcement action it calls “an assault on the entire American cryptocurrency industry and an assault on American innovation”—companies working with Ripple and XRP have had very different responses.

  • SBI Holdings crypto

    Major financial firm SBI Holdings buys crypto market maker B2C2

    SBI Financial Services bought institutional cryptocurrency trading firm B2C2, making it the first major finance firm to run a digital assets trading desk

    The acquisition of the well-known crypto trading firm, by a division of the major Japanese financial group SBI Holdings, marks the “first sizable non-industry M&A deal that wasn’t an acquire or bail-out,” CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer Meltem Demirors tweeted in response to the news. “SBI has been an early mover in crypto, acquiring a market maker is a galaxy brain move!”

  • SBI launches security token
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    Japanese financial services giant SBI joins security token market

    SBI Holdings announced that it will launch its first security token offering at the end of the month, for its professional video gaming subsidiary

    The offering will take place via the blockchain platform Ibet, managed by local firm Boostry. The same blockchain platform was used for Japan’s first blockchain bond offering in March.