• WEF crypto use cases
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    WEF report focuses on crypto use cases

    The World Economic Forum’s paper seeks to explain how cryptocurrencies are being employed in the real world

    The report, “Crypto, What Is It Good For? An Overview of Cryptocurrency Use Cases,” is more or less an overview of 30 cryptocurrencies, and blockchain users and providers, divided up into four categories.

  • Blockchain Bill of Rights
    Politics,  Regulation

    World Economic Forum unveils ‘Blockchain Bill of Rights’—will it work?

    Achieving consensus in a fragmented landscape isn’t easy. Despite the proposal getting several significant signatories, plenty of hurdles remain

    The blockchain industry is a fragmented one—with countless projects forging their own way as they try to find compelling use cases for this technology. But now, the World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Council is attempting to ratify some universal standards in a so-called “Blockchain Bill of Rights.”