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    Steven Seagal KOed by SEC

    The martial arts actor agreed to pay more than $300,000 to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges over his endorsement of a 2018 ICO

    Seagal agreed to a $314,000 fine for failing to disclose that he had been promised $1 million in cash and cryptocurrency for promoting Bitcoiin2Gen's initial coin offering.

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    Steven Seagal’s crypto marked for death by New Jersey

    Coin promoted by cheesy action star under siege by state regulators for being in dark territory

    It’s hyped, involves of millions dollars, and has Steven Seagal. It’s not another box office bomb but a new cryptocurrency that, like a Seagal movie, is a hot mess just days before its release. Only this time, it’s New Jersey’s government and not angry studio execs trying to pull the plug. The Asbury Park Press reported Wednesday that New Jersey’s Bureau of Securities has ordered the company pushing “Bitcoiin” (yes, that’s an extra “i” and, no, it’s not bitcoin) to stop selling its token ahead of its ICO to investors in the state. The regulators deem it an unregistered security. The guys (really, it’s almost always guys) behind Bitcoiin hired…