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    Why it’s so hard to hire anyone working on blockchain tech

    Blockchain experts have a hard time calling anyone ‘boss’

    Modern Consensus was on the ground in Berlin for BlockShow, a two-day festival boasting thousands of attendees, each one there to expand their understanding of blockchain technology and meet some A-list crypto-players. Between the public on-stage panels and the private conversations we had with attendees, one theme cropped up consistently: it’s hard to acquire the talent and human resources necessary to take a large or small company into the new blockchain-enabled future. We know the song all the crypto-kids sing: blockchain technology isn’t just about powering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it’s a “new internet” setting a higher standard for how information moves and is validated around the world. This stuff…

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    French company unveils blockchain-powered headhunting app

    It’s at least a little better than circling classified ads

    The nature of work is changing with the nature of money. But rather than use automation to reduce a company’s headcount, a company called Talao is using the blockchain to help the world’s experts get paid for their knowledge. Talao amounts to an Ethereum-based headhunting app, connecting freelance specialists with recruiters seeking professional input. Recruiters search Talao’s registry of experts to find suitable job candidates, then pay to view profiles, contact them, or issue urgent requests. On the other side of the table, the experts use Talao to sign smart contracts, settle disputes, and validate their completed work on the blockchain. “Public blockchains will disrupt the talent on-demand market, creating…