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    EXCLUSIVE Craig Wright: If I produce Nakamoto’s bitcoins my critics will say I stole them

    And why he chose that particular Times of London article for the Bitcoin Genesis Block

    Yesterday, nChain chief scientist and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright’s attorneys told a judge that the “bonded courier” he has long maintained held the encryption keys to Nakamoto’s 1.1 million bitcoins had arrived. He doesn’t believe even that will quiet his critics.

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    Craig Wright to Judge: ‘bonded courier’ gave me keys to Satoshi Nakamoto’s 1,100,111 bitcoins

    If Craig Wright really is Satoshi Nakamoto, the documents he turned over in court today will prove it.

    In a brief filing on Jan. 14, Wright's attorney's wrote: "Dr. Craig Wright files this Notice of Compliance with this Court’s Order dated January 10, 2020. Specifically, Dr. Wright notifies the Court that a third party has provided the necessary information and key slice to unlock the encrypted file.

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    Judge to Craig Wright: Put up or shut up

    Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator given until Feb. 3 to prove a ‘mysterious bonded courier’ is delivering the keys to $9 billion in bitcoin in ‘Tulip Trust I-III’

    Craig Wright has just 23 days left to prove his claim he’s really Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and founder of the cryptocurrency revolution. “Given the Defendant’s many inconsistencies and misstatements, the Court questions whether it is remotely plausible that the mysterious ‘bonded courier’ is going to arrive, yet alone that he will arrive in January 2020 as the Defendant now contends,” Judge Beth Bloom wrote.

  • Does Craig Wright actually have Satoshi Nakamoto's billions? (via Brendan Sullivan)

    EXCLUSIVE: Judge orders Craig Wright to turn over raft of previously court-sealed documents

    Everything we know about the case that will prove or disprove Wright’s controversial claim to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is about to change

    A Florida judge ordered Craig Wright to turn over everything, even documents sealed under previous lawsuits by court order.