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    Turkey to test central bank digital currency next year: Report

    Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey announces plans to begin testing a digital Turkish lira in the second half of 2021

    The bank announced in September that it was looking to hire 10 digital asset experts for the General Directorate of Financial Innovation. The announcement read that people interviewed for the job would be asked questions concerning blockchain, big data, cryptography, virtualization, financial mathematics and signal processing

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    Must-reads for August 21, 2018

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    Stop worrying about how much energy bitcoin uses (The Conversation) The title of this piece is misleading but that’s the product of editors trying to game social media by getting people to share stories since few people actually read the whole article. University of Pittsburgh researcher Katrina Kelly-Pitou argues, “Rather than discussing the energy consumption of bitcoin generally, people should be discussing the carbon production of bitcoin, and understanding whether certain mining towns are adding to an already large environmental burden.”   ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Is Having a Hard Time Winning Over True Believers (Bloomberg) Usage of cryptocurrencies as payments has slumped in the past several months. Transactions involving Bitcoin Cash,…