• .crypto accessible on Chrome Firefox

    Blockchain-based .crypto domain names now accessible on Chrome, Firefox

    Browsers can now access the decentralized domains offered by Unstoppable Domains by changing one setting in their web browsers.

    More than 500,000 domain names have been registered on Unstoppable Domains’ Ethereum-based system. Making them accessible without having to install a dedicated browser extension makes them much more widely available.

  • Unstoppable decentralized blogs
    Politics,  Technology,  United States

    Will decentralized blogs make freedom of speech Unstoppable?

    As endless rows over censorship bubble up, Unstoppable Domains hopes decentralized blogs will be spared questionable moderation decisions

    Some are concerned at how big decisions about what’s acceptable speech are falling into the hands of tech giants. Blockchain-based domain name provider Unstoppable Domains is taking another approach: allowing the owners of .crypto sites to launch their very own decentralized blogs.