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    Crypto Capital crony Oz Yosef indicted

    Another shadow banker has been charged in connection with the theft of $880 million from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

    Federal prosecutors have indicted Oz Yosef, a principal of Crypto Capital Corp., on three counts of bank fraud and conspiracy in cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex's $880 million loss.

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    Bitfinex, Tether again face market manipulation accusations

    The embattled cryptocurrency exchange and stablecoin issuer jointly announced that a “meritless and mercenary lawsuit” is coming.

    It seems the New York Attorney General is not the only person accusing sister companies Bitfinex and Tether of breaking the law. A paper accusing the companies of market manipulation designed to boost the price of Bitcoin will be published soon.

  • Are tether tokens really backed by dollars? (via Shutterstock)
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    Binance now lets traders dump Tether for Paxos Standard

    Paxos has some lofty goals for its token

    Dumping tether for a safer stablecoin just got a lot easier. On Thursday, Paxos announced that its new stablecoin, Paxos Standard (PAX), is now tradable against Tether’s token (USDT) on the Binance exchange. ZB.com started making markets in PAX/USDT pairs a few days earlier and roughly 70 percent of PAX’s daily volume is traded on that exchange. Like USDT, PAX trades at about 1-to-1 versus the U.S. dollar. But unlike tether, Paxos Standard is regulated by a government entity—the New York State Department of Financial Services. Tether maintains that it can’t be audited. This has been an interesting week for Tether. As first reported by Modern Consensus, Tether’s reserve bank,…

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