• Santa
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    A crypto writer’s letter to Santa Claus

    Everything we need to make crypto great in 2019

    Dear Santa, This is a letter in regards to two letters you received in 2014 and 2015 when I asked you for bitcoin. In 2014, I got 4 BTC in my decentralized stocking (thanks!) for $419 each. By 2015, they had risen to “just” $890. Last year they went to $20,000 each. Thanks, Santa! They’re back down to about $3,900 as of the end of December 2018, but you won’t hear me complaining. Since you’ve effectively 50x’ed crypto in the time you’ve been involved, I’d like to ask you for several special other things that don’t depend on the markets in 2019. I’ve been a very good boy. I have…

  • Hoard
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    Hoard CEO talks taking on Venmo, Cash, PayPal, and Coinbase

    Can a new app make it easy to send and spend crypto?

    Hoard CEO Jason Davis wants you to be able to delete Venmo, Cash, Paypal, Coinbase and a litany of other payment apps from your phone. He wants his platform to be the simplest financial services app without ever holding your money. He wants you to have a slim Venmo-like interface that can pay your friend back for dinner and also make frictionless transfers between any cryptocurrency pair or world currency. Whether anyone else wants that or will use this app is up for debate. One of the biggest problems for crypto startups is that they subvert traditional manufacturing. They build a product before anyone asks for it. They’re often funded…

  • Square's Cash app

    Square expanding Bitcoin services on Cash app

    Is this an indication that more businesses will accept bitcoin as a form of payment in the U.S.?

    Square, a company best known for its popular point-of-sale and payment processing suite, announced on Monday that it would be expanding Bitcoin services offered in its Cash app. Thus the No. 1 finance app in the iOS App Store will allow users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency in all 50 U.S. states. This is huge news for the crypto world as it represents a sort of mainstream acceptance after the blow it was dealt in January when Stripe announced it would no longer support Bitcoin payments. To be clear, there is a distinction between the types of services Stripe offered and those that Cash will offer vis-à-vis Bitcoin. Stripe’s…