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    Crypto’s Illness: Regulatory Reluctance

    Pending court decisions challenge SEC’s failed ‘regulation by enforcement’ strategy

    The U.S. crypto industry has been learning a rough lesson in regulatory compliance in the past few months. With fines, cease and desist orders, agency warnings, and traditional finance counterparties withdrawing from the industry, it is becoming increasingly apparent that crypto has a compounding problem. Press play to hear a narrated version of this story, presented by AudioHopper. The origin of this isn’t FTX, Voyager Digital, Terra Luna, or any other of the business failures or frauds of 2022. Those are symptoms of another disease. The sickness that’s causing crypto to fumble in front of U.S. regulators and counterparties goes all the way back to the founding principles of Bitcoin…

  • Voyager Digital doubles assets

    Crypto broker Voyager Digital doubles assets ahead of EU expansion

    Assets under management grew to $200 million since November, as partnerships with NBA and NFL stars and French-regulated LGO merger bring a higher profile

    Earlier this month, Voyager merged with the crypto exchange LGO Group, which is regulated by France’s Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). The two companies are also merging their proprietary tokens—Voyager Digital’s VGX and LGO’s LGO—with a token swap planned for Q1 2021.

  • Voyager Digital recruits Marshall Faulk
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    Crypto broker Voyager Digital recruits NFL Hall of Fame star Marshall Faulk

    He joins the NBA’s Tracy Mcgrady in helping Voyager Digital ‘educate investors’ about its crypto brokerage service

    “Teaming with Voyager will allow me to spread the word of the crypto revolution, and help my fans discover the wave of the future, digital assets and Bitcoin, the best performing asset of the past decade," Faulk said.

  • Voyager Digital expands into Europe
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    Voyager Digital expands into Europe, launches trading platform

    The cryptocurrency broker plans to use its acquisition of the EU-licensed exchange LGO Group to expand into Europe, will merge and enhance tokens

    “This merger gives Voyager the ability to service the 750 million European population," said Voyager Digital CEO Steve Ehrlich. "We look forward to our international expansion as Voyager's growth continues on all fronts, with assets under management growing rapidly and our product offering continually enhanced with debit and credit card, margin, and more traditional banking products on the horizon.”